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Class Details

On this course you will be learning The Stanislavski Technique. Using inspiring and rigerous exercises we will learn how to use the truth about ourselves in order to bring reality to the characters we play. The focus of this course is truthfull acting and transformation. 


This course will give you confidence in yourself and in your Art.


There are 2 different class types, please do read on below to see which one you would like to attend.


Monday 6.30pm to 9.30pm

- MIXED CLASS (All levels)



Thursday 6.30pm to 9.30pm

- Actor's Gym (Advanced)




Mixed Class - Stanislavski Technique


In this class we willbe studying the Stanislavski Technique EXCLUSIVELY.


It's a mixed class as I teach all students individually and having a mixed group is beneficial to all. It is stuructured to ensure that every student is constantly working through out and will be pushed to improve their technique in all regards.


Within this class we will explore and perform text from a a specific play over the 10 week period.


Whatever level you are at within the Technique, I will aim to improve what you know already and guide you into the more advanced stages of Stanislavski.


If you are completely new to the Technique, this course will give you a strong foundation and the ability to use Stanislavski practically.


As the course repeats throughout the year, should you wish to take your study further, classes will always be availble.


SOME of the elements we will be covering include:
  • Physcical and mental relaxation - How to work with nerves.
  • Looking at Character and how to build one.
  • Breaking down text and understanding the journey of the story.
  • How to use your own life experience; your views and passions to enhance your work.
  • Sense Memory.
  • 3 Circles of Concentration.
  • Personalisations and Relationships.
  • And much more.

£90 for 10 weeks


1 class per week in either Mixed or Actor's Gym

Advanced Class
The Actor's Gym


We will be using the Stanislavski exercises to hone and add to your technique in a fun, passionate environment.  


There will a new intensive exercise every week designed to push you to your limits as an actor. Through these exercises I aim to test your technique, to ensure that it lives freely within you.


We will be looking at audition pieces and you will be able to bring in anything you want to work on or explore.


I want to take what experience you have and push it to it's highest level whilst adding anything you may have missed or not be aware of about The Stanislavski Technique.


As everyone is individual in terms of their knowledge, please do contact me to discuss what the course would entail for you specifically.


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